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South Fence Machinery offers a complete suite of fence machines including the Stiff Stay, Fixed Knot, and Hinge Joint.

Our machines are built to provide the best solution for your needs, machine mesh size, fence height, and machine specifications can be fully configured to meet and exceed your expectations. In addition, we also manufacture barbed staple machines and wire coilers as ideal companions for your fence machines.

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Fixed knot

South Fence Fixed Knot Machines have been designed to ensure long economic life with ease of maintenance and operation. The Fixed Knot remains the toughest fence knot on the market to date.

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Stiff stay

The Stiff Stay knot features a distinctive smooth, strong, and economical knot. HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen not only allows for ease of setting and adjustment but also reports constantly and accurately on the manufacture of product and machine status.

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Hinge joint

South Fence Hinge Joint Machines have been designed to ensure simple operation, long economic life with ease of maintenance and adjustment. The Hinge Joint knot is a cost effective and versatile knot used worldwide.




Representative in EUROPE for Portugal and Spain

Representative in AFRICA for Angola and Mozambique

Producers of Chain Link Fence Machines

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